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Glo Luxury Oil

Morocco Mist + Body Oil (2 Bottle Set)

Morocco Mist + Body Oil (2 Bottle Set)

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Allow me to introduce you to a slice of Morocco! Each ingredient in this mist was directly sourced from female farms and co ops in Morocco during my May sourcing trip. All healing qualities aside, this mist will most definitely transport you to magical Morocco where roses, argon and orange trees dot the landscape as far as the eye can see. 

This light mist provides skin-plumping hydration while enhancing the skin’s absorption of active ingredients. Formulated to support the skin’s acid mantle layer by keeping out harmful pathogens, this toning mist delivers naturally pH-balancing and regenerative ingredients such as saffron and fig extract to reveal healthy, happy, luminous skin. Collagen and elastin supportive nutrients like vitamin A & C are derived from Saffron, Fig, Neroli (aka Orange blossom) and Rose oils. ALL skin types will benefit from the antimicrobial and anti inflammatory properties while your mind will be put to ease with its tantalizing scent.

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